Summer Camp

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New Hope summer camps, for children ages 8–18, are held at various locations throughout Oklahoma. Children have a chance to just be kids as they participate in swimming, boating, archery, games, and arts and crafts, but summer camps provide much more. Children learn they are not the only ones with a parent in prison, and they interact with counselors who had similar experiences growing up. Camp was designed to provide children with the Five Promises and to emphasize making healthy choices, self-determination and helping others. Children learn life skills including conflict resolution and anger management and have opportunities to increase their social and emotional development by participating in group activities, sports, and chores.

Our camp for Counselors-In-Training teaches our 16- and 17-year-old former campers skills for working with younger children, including listening skills, positive discipline, dealing with homesickness, and focusing on strength-based interaction. After completing the CIT camp, these youth serve as volunteer counselors at our camp for children ages 8–11.

Children who attended New Hope’s 2017 summer camps showed a significant increase in self-efficacy as well as an increase in social and emotional development. This brief sample of the positive remarks by campers shows the power of New Hope’s camping program.


New Hope Oklahoma (42)

I had fun and I think it meant a lot to me to meet other people with a parent in jail.

I learned how to make good choices, I had fun.

I learned about being in someone else’s shoes.

I had fun and learned to help others.





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